Are We in Narnia Yet?

I have been to see “Chronicles of Narnia III: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” and it makes me fear for the future of this series of movies. I’ll be writing a full review for , so this is just a preview. (Hint: When you go to the movies these days, arrive late enough to miss the commercials and the previews. You’ll be glad you did!)

“Dawn Treader” has received mixed reviews so far (not a good sign). Apparently a lot of the reviewers don’t know the story as C.S. Lewis wrote it, and are blissfully unaware that the story has been radically changed. In fact, they changed so much of it, I wondered why they bothered to make the movie at all.

Why, why, why do they do that when they make a movie? If C.S. Lewis’ story was so inadequate as he wrote it, why would you want to make a movie out of it in the first place?

And then we’ve got Liam Neeson, who provides the voice for Aslan in these films, flapping his jaw in public about how Aslan isn’t just Jesus Christ, he’s also Mohammed and Buddha, blah-blah… How stupid can you get?

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    1. Exactly. Our society has some very poor priorities. An actor’s opinions seem to come down with the force of law, but not the man that built the theater.

      How important is a janitor? When ours was sick for three days the rest rooms were very unpleasant places. It might be menial labor, but it’s important. If Liam Neeson went on strike for the rest of my life nothing would change. 🙂

  1. I recently reread the first edition of the “Narnia” series, and I can honestly say I enjoy the “Bell Mountain” series more. I am waiting for some perceptive movie maker to buy up the rights to it.

    1. I’ve often tried to imagine a Bell Mountain movie. Claude Raines as Lord Reesh, Max von Sydow as Obst… But I need for these books to catch on, before anything like a movie can happen.

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