A Church No Longer Christian

Just because we read and write fantasy doesn’t mean we’re out of touch with the real world. We just want to be, sometimes.

The saddest reality report I heard this week was the news that the Presbyterian Church USA had voted to remove all limitations on sexual behavior for its ordained deacons, elders, and ministers. The old requirement of “chastity in singleness, fidelity in marriage,” was tossed out by majority vote.  This was done so that openly-practicing homosexuals and lesbians could be ordained, but it would also allow openly-practicing adulterers to be ordained, too.

Why it was done defeats my imagination.

I’d like to know when God decided to let sinners define morality by a vote. What ever happened to “Thus saith the Lord”? Did God focus-group the Ten Commandments before He carved them in the stone?

What moral standards will they vote out next? When will they decide you don’t have to believe in God in order to be ordained a pastor in the PCUSA? Or have they already done that?

Meanwhile, they rather strongly insist that you believe in political morality–bow the knee to man-made Global Warming, abortion, “social justice” (a euphemism for communism), illegal alien amnesty, feminism, etc., or else! As far as they’re concerned, a pastor can spend all his spare time cruising the Garden State Parkway rest stops, as long as he supports Obamacare.

Once upon a time the PCUSA was a Christian church. But it isn’t anymore.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin…

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  1. Some “churches have become so non-churches that even their “tolerant” members just up and left them. So, now all they can do is search the garbage barrels for seat warmers. Haven’t you heard: they recently cut their expenses to the bone? Should we not pray God does away with them as David prayed: “Lord, destroy them”? You can find it in the book that is no longer a part of their lives.

    1. They’re doing a pretty good job of destroying themselves, aren’t they? I’ve interviewed some of these people–it’s depressing. My series of articles on “Paganism in the Church” is available on this blog. They’re a few years old, and obviously it’s only gotten worse since then. But the Bible does teach us that God shakes the world, so that those things which cannot me shaken will remain.

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