More Progress, Plus Computer Woes

I was beginning to wonder about  Book #5 in the Bell Mountain series, The Fugitive Prince. I started writing it late last summer and it isn’t done yet, and as of two weeks ago, I still had no idea how the story would end.

So, as I was walking downtown to pick up our Chinese food for supper, I prayed one more time: “Lord, please show me the climax of this story–I don’t have a clue.” And, boom! By the time I’d taken three more steps, I had the whole thing. God let me see it and hear it: and boy, did it surprise me! And yet when I thought it over for a minute, I realized it was a perfectly logical climax.

Now all I have to do is get there. I expect it’ll take me another month or so.

Meanwhile, last Wednesday this confounded machine went down with a virus, and it took a repairman nine hours to put it right–and then it was all weekend and part of Monday installing updates going back to the first day it was plugged in. Thank God I didn’t lose my manuscript!

A word of warning: when you suddenly get one of those “warnings” that kind of look like they’re from Microsoft, but they’re not, you’re in trouble. Whoever is doing this wants you to fork over $40 to them to “protect” your computer–and if you don’t pay up, they will try to destroy your computer. They came very close to finishing off this one.

The technical name for this is “extortion.” As our civilization descends more and more into Godlessness, expect more of this.

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