Another Real-World Fantasy

Okay, now I’ve seen everything–a “secular humanist Sunday school.” It’s going to be just a few miles from my home, according to the local paper.

Sponsored by a Temple (“A Temple of what?” you ask), the curriculum will emphasize “social justice” and “diversity” while pretending to be Jewish. “Social justice” is the art of using the government to force other people to finance your charitable impulses. And I think by now we all know what “diversity” means–uniformly Leftist thought.

As a lowly fantasy writer, I never could have imagined anything as goofy as a Judaism without God. Nor could I ever have imagined any need to set up a Sunday school for the teaching of a world view that already saturates our culture. It’s like building a zoo where people can go and see squirrels, pigeons, dandelions, and mosquitoes.

The real world today is infinitely more irrational than anything we fantasists dream up.

3 comments on “Another Real-World Fantasy

    1. Dorothy, you must permit me to use the term “real world” to refer to this mess in front of us that everybody THINKS is real. I could’ve put it in quotes, but that didn’t look right. So I counted on the reader to pick up on the irony.
      Surely the things that are seen are real, and part of reality, part of God’s creation. But they are only part of it. The things that we cannot see with our eyes nor handle with our hands are just as real, and count for more.

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