Something to Think About

If I may be serious for a moment, I’d like to pose a question.

Given the tens of thousands–maybe even hundreds of thousands–of churches that dot America’s landscape, why is our nation’s Christianity so weak?

What has become of the preaching of the Cross? (“For the preaching of the cross is, to them that perish, foolishness”–St. Paul, I Cor. 1:18) How did we wind up with such a flabby, comfortable, timorous Christianity that was utterly powerless to stop our culture from melting right in front of us?

This week is, I think, “Banned Books Week,” in which liberals like the American Library Assn. celebrate and honor books that were objected to on account of their filthy content or their total unsuitability for young readers: while totally ignoring the fact that the Holy Bible is by far the most banned book in America.

God have mercy on us.

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  1. It is astounding that they would celebrate material which is questionable at best, but ignore the Bible.

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