They Call It Baseball?

Sorry, but I just have to vent about this…

For most of my life, I was an avid baseball fan. I was a walking baseball encyclopedia. My wife and I went to games at Yankee Stadium, got autographs, collected vintage baseball cards, stayed up far later than we should have, listening to games on the radio–oh, yes, we were fans!

But now? Phooey!

The seats we used to favor at the ol’ stadium, which once cost us $15-$20, were up to around $275 each, at the start of the season.  But even if we could afford to go, who wants to pay to see some guy with a 6.00+ ERA start “a critical game” in the late season? Once upon a time, the Commissioner of Baseball would have investigated a manager who did that. And if one of the workhorses on your pitching staff had an ERA of 6.00, your team wasn’t doing anything, anyhow.

And what’s all this talk about “seeds” and “rounds” and whatnot? Did Rocky Colavito ever have to wonder what kind of “seed” his team would wind up being? I mean, it sounds like one of those stupid college “sports” where they vote to decide who’s the “national champion” and several Congressmen get upset and vow to pass a bill regulating the process of determining the national college championship, blah, blah, ad nauseum.

Roy Sievers come back, all is forgiven.

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