The Wildest Fantasy Ever

Hey! I’ve just discovered the wildest, wackiest, wooliest fantasy ever!

What if the government made everybody equal? I mean really, really equal. We all get exactly the same income, whether we work or just sit around playing video games and getting high. If I clerk at the corner convenience store, I get just as much as a brain surgeon. If I sell hundreds of my books, I get the same money as someone who sells millions. Wouldn’t that be absolutely wonderful?

Even better, what if everything was free? Why should we have to pay for stuff? Why not force Big Business to give us all no-show jobs?

These must be good ideas. After all, they’re shouted up by college students and their professors, and we all know how smart they are. I think those Occupy This and Occupy That folks must be on to something. Or are they just on something?

No matter–let’s just go ahead and set up the guillotines, and the gulags, and the firing squads, and all the rest of the instrumentality of Utopia.

If we can micromanage the earth’s climate by taking away people’s air conditioners and toilet paper, surely we can make everybody equal.

8 comments on “The Wildest Fantasy Ever

  1. Hear, hear! And, while they’re at it, they might as well give everyone in school the same grades. It’ll be utopia. Heaven on earth! Whoohoo! I can’t wait!

  2. We are all already equal: We all came into this world without anything and we’ll all go out taking nothing with us. Of course, there’s those wacky ideas about what happens in between. But don’t worry about that; there are always those who know how to tell you how to live-or not to live. For instance: take from everyone else but me and give it all to sombody else-like me!

    P.S. I can hardly wait to get Lee Duigan’s Thunder King . Shades of C. S. Lewis!

    1. Well, Dorothy, The Thunder King is now on sale. Just as a favor to me, please compel all your friends to order it, too.
      I wonder if any of these hippie dunderheads expect Al Gore, George Soros, John Edwards, or that thing in the White House to reduce their own standards of living so as to be “equal” with “the people.”
      What do we have to pay, not to have to hear any more of this communist claptrap?

  3. One thing the Left does not seem to understand is that equal opportunity does not mean equal results. There are people out there whom will live in despair no matter how much money is given to them. Remember that college student a while back that had blown through a sizable inheritance before finishing college and was now seeking donations?

  4. I always have to laugh at the “everything should be free” and “everyone should get equal compensation” crowds. Almost every attempt at communal living, other than religious based ones such as monasteries, has fallen apart because no one wanted to clean the toilets.

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