I’ve Saved a Squirrel, But Who’ll Save Us?

I saved a squirrel’s life today.

He was trapped inside my neighbor’s garbage can, and I could hear his panicked efforts to escape. The lid was on, you see. He gnawed a hole in it and slipped inside to grab something that didn’t belong to him, and now he couldn’t climb back out. I saw the little nose protruding from the hole, so I took off the lid and set him free.

The point is… who’s going to set us free?

Moved by greed and the lure of easy pickings, the nations of the West, which used to be Christendom, have blundered into the deepest trashcan of them all–atheistic, oligarchic socialism.

For the last 150 years, self-anointed experts–administrators, scientists, educators, politicians–have promised us an earthly paradise, if only we let them run the show. They have ravaged our national economies, shattered our faith, ceaselessly pared away our liberties, trained our young in unbelief and envy, encouraged every kind of fornication, and managed to murder at least 100 million of their own countrymen in their pursuit of “scientific socialism.”

They did all this with our consent, by promising us a fair share of our neighbors’ goods and persuading us there’s no such thing as “sin.”

Well, there is, and we’re suffocating in it.

Don’t ask Jesus to pry the lid off for us. He’s already showed us how. The instructions are to be found in the Bible. This trap we’re in is of our own imagining, a prison of the mind and of the soul.

Follow the Cross. That’s the way out.

3 comments on “I’ve Saved a Squirrel, But Who’ll Save Us?

  1. Beautiful, Lee — sad and scary, but beautiful in the happy ending: The cross is the only way out. As Edith Stein said shortly before she was taken from her convent and sent to Auschwitz (she was a convert from Judaism), “Salve crux, spes unica” — “Rejoice in the cross, our only hope.” (Very loose translation.)

  2. Sobering, as following the cross always is.

    2 Peter 1:4 “For by these He has given to us the precious and magnificent promises, so that through these you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust.”

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