Ooh! That’s religion!

A friend of mine was substitute-teaching one day, about ten years ago, when he happened to mention the Ten Commandments. Instantly a chorus of children’s voices rose in protest–“Ooh! That’s religion!” You would’ve thought he’d been caught exposing himself.

Where, and from whom, had those children learned such an averse reaction to “religion”? You have three guesses, and I’ll give you a hint–right there in the classroom, from their so-called “teachers.”

The other night, a friend and I were chatting in a chat room on a popular Internet game site. Our subject was theology, and the spiritual condition of our country. Although neither of us mentioned any particular sins, or any particular group of sinners, someone immediately butted in with “Judge not! You’re never supposed to judge! I’m sick of you people always judging me!” She went on to say how offensive it was to have anyone talking about “religion” (there’s that word again), and we should just shut up about it. How dare we discuss such a tasteless subject in public? She added that she herself was a Christian–the kind of Christian who recoils in horror from the name of Christ.

That’s the state of our popular culture today. People have not forgotten God. They close their eyes and ears and hearts to Him, and have fits if anybody dares to speak of Him.

Nice going, churches–way to teach God’s people.

Nice going, families. Just keep on sending your kids to public schools, and see what happens to their faith.



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  1. Well, there you have it; political correctness run amok. I formerly taught a youth’s Bible study at the church. The young people had a lot of horror stories to tell about how they had been sent to the office, attacked on the playgrounds, and reprimanded by teachers and principals for just mentioning that they were believers, etc. I advised them to continue anyway, and that I would pray to cover them with the blood, and our Heavenly Father would let them win. Amazing stories came back to the class as a result of some of their boldness to refuse to back down. Not all of them are brave enough to face this treatment, but some were.

  2. “Judge not,” they yell, all the while judging that we’re wrong, wrong, wrong to be judging anything. But you can’t get them to see the contradiction.

    And they certainly won’t sit still to hear the distinctions among (a) judging the rightness or wrongness of an action, (b) judging a person’s culpability for the action, and (c) judging a person’s overall character on the basis of the action. We must do (a) in order to have a civilization at all; we must do (b) in determining a court verdict and/or sentencing; but in only limited cases (mostly legal and/or medical) may we, as Christians, do (c).

    Ironically, leftists insist that only they can do all of the above, whereas we, as Christians, aren’t permitted to do any of the above. But leftists deplore logic, anyway.

  3. Another thing worth mentioning, in addition to Erlene’s and Phoebe’s comments – if anyone in the chat is ‘offended’ at your conversation, they have the option of not reading your comments or turning their chat off!


  4. I substitute teach in Arkansas public schools. Most of the teachers are Christians (wanting to serve) and have Bibles and Scripture sayings and posters in their classroom. Arkansas just passed a law that public schools have to post “In God We Trust” over every classroom American flag. If you are burned out by secular culture, come to Arkansas where Jesus is still Lord and people go to Bible believing churches (I know, I am a little naive – but I used to live in California).

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