Alberta School Act: They Won’t Allow Anyone to Diverge from ‘Diversity’

Do you ever get the impression that a lot of people are working very hard to abolish human liberty everywhere in the world? I do!

Alberta is about to enact new legislation that will apparently require Christian homeschooling parents to teach their children that homosexuality is good and right, and their own Bible is wrong. It is similar to the government campaign in the USA  to force Catholic institutions to provide free birth control–including pills that bring on spontaneous abortions–to their employees.

Consider these remarks by Donna McColl, assistant director of communications for the Alberta Ministry of Education.

“Whatever the nature of schooling–homeschool, private school, Catholic school–we do not tolerate disrespect for differences… You can affirm the family’s ideology in your family life, you just can’t do it as part of your educational study and instruction… [Families] can’t be hate-mongering, if you will.”

The new education law would require homeschooling families to “honor and respect” the Alberta Human Rights Act and the Stalinist “human rights” tribunal. These arms of the provincial government have become infamous for serving as a blunt instrument for the persecution of Christians by “gay” activists. Americans used to living under civilized law may find this hard to believe, but Canadian “human rights” tribunals and commissions can do anything they please, ignore actual laws, and financially ruin, and terrorize, hapless individuals who have committed no crime. In the wonderful world of “human rights,” the government pays all the plaintiff’s legal expenses, and the entire burden of proof is on the defendant.

The Alberta Education Act proposes to bring the “human rights” Inquisition right into families’ living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. This is malicious mischief by the government.

A functionary of Canada’s federal Human Rights Commission explained to me that their business is to “outlaw hate” and root out bad thoughts. He even proposed giving the commission some kind of authority over basic human relationships–explaining that people really aren’t “diverse enough” in their choices of friends and drinking buddies, etc. It is all based on the truly lurid fantasy that “government knows best.”

The battle of our age will be to keep personal liberty from being extinguished altogether.

4 comments on “Alberta School Act: They Won’t Allow Anyone to Diverge from ‘Diversity’

  1. Our only liberty comes from obeying the Lord, in whom is our liberty.
    “Where the spirit of the Lord is, is freedom.” Our freedom must begin
    with teaching while our children are still toddlers. If this were done, both
    boys and girls would learn that fornication (the root of the problem of abortion as well as disease and heartaches of many kinds) would mostly be eradicated. Leviticus 20:10 gives us that instruction. Here, God gives the consequence and its punishment, even disregarding the possibility that the female could be pregnant in such a situation. The two (or three) are to be put to death for this root sin. Our schools and governments are so far off course, there is no turning back for this corrupt generation. When parents begin with their newborn children, teaching them right from wrong, schools would be unable to corrupt them. Governments, likewise, would be unable to make inroads on morality as they have done.

    1. In this case, though, the provincial government of Alberta proposes to interfere with the parents’ teaching of their children, to compel parents to teach things that are contrary to God’s law, and to elevate the state above God.

      I am sure this will be imported into our country very soon.

  2. What I find the most surprising about this is the fact that so many people seem completely comfortable having the government dictate morality.

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