Let’s All Be on Food Stamps!

Lately the major New York radio station that I listen to has been peppering its audience with “public service” spots exhorting listeners to sign up for food stamps.  No mention is made of the cost of providing increasing numbers of people with free food.

Well, that gives me an idea…

Why don’t we all get food stamps? Have a lottery to pick a Designated Worker–yes, this poor soul will have to keep working, to pay for all the food stamps–while the rest of us just kind of sink into our recliners and collect.

Sure, that’s an economic model that’ll work–a whole bunch of public employees living on luxurious pensions (a few million more of them every year), and a sizeable mass of the general public, maybe 60% or more, totally dependent upon various entitlement programs from the government. That still leaves a few million citizens available to work real, real hard to pay for this largesse. Our glorious national leaders of the Pwogwessive persuasion seem committed to this course.

And they call me a fantasy writer!

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