Where’s Daddy?

This may seem an odd topic for Mother’s Day, but think about it–where have all the fathers gone?

Time Magazine–it’s only about as thick as a supermarket flyer now–had a cover story this week on something called “Attachment Parenting,” with a cover photo showing a a rather striking “mom” with a four-year-old boy literally “attached” to her by the breast: yes, a four-year-old boy still breast-feeding.

Is the boy’s father presumed missing? Some 40% of America’s children nowadays are born out of wedlock, so maybe Daddy was never in the picture in the first place. Or maybe the father in this case is merely invisible, irrelevant, not part of the equation.

Call me old-fashioned, but I think my father would’ve had something to say about it if my mother had insisted on breast-feeding me after I could walk and talk and wear clothes. Something like: “What are you trying to do to my son? Raise him up to be some kind of great big mo-mo?”

But consider our hopelessly corrupt culture’s take on fatherhood.

No dads–that’s great!

Two dads–that’s even better! Hip-hip-hooray!

One dad–boo! Hiss! Boo! How archaic, how sexist! But if you insist on having one dad in the household, the least you can do is make him silent, invisible, and totally ineffectual. Otherwise he might say something gauche when Junior goes off to kindergarten and the school’s Gender Coach teaches him, “You can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel.”

I grew up in a world of men and women. God help the children of this benighted age.

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  1. This is a multi faceted problem of this age. I have spoken to men who declare that they would not be interested in a woman who was not self supporting, those who “plant the seed” but walk away and leave the mother to abort or support. Then, there are selfish women who think they
    are better off without a man around, caring nothing about how their children feel. There are a number of pieces to this puzzle, and none are
    pretty. If God does not judge, Sodom and Gomorrah should be reconsidered.

  2. I watcher Ben Shapiro’s speech at U C Berkeley on Thursday. He told his audience that a man who abandons his children is garbage. Maybe delinquent fathers should be called something worse than garbage.

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