When Having Fun Is Not Possible

I like to have fun on this blog. My books, among other things, are supposed to be fun to read. Fantasy is fun. But there are times when fun just isn’t on the cards.

Thursday, for instance: First I hear a report that Obamacare has been struck down. I go outside to cheer. When I come back in a few minutes later, I hear that the first report was off by about 180 degrees. This means that in my poor, abused country, liberty just took an assegai in the belly.

And then the phone rings, and we receive news that one of our friends has just died unexpectedly, for no apparent cause. I mean, we had just had her here at our apartment a couple of days before. She was only 49, she didn’t have a car so she walked everywhere, and now she’s gone. Just like that. Maybe the medical examiner can figure out the cause of death.

No hero is going to come along and set the country right again. We don’t make heroes anymore. This is America, and the bad guys always win. Or so it seems.

But God would have told us if it was his plan to hand over the whole world to the wicked, and to the ungodly who despise His name.

Still kind of in shock here, I do remember what a wise Christian woman once said: when things go bad, when your faith and your spirit are at a low ebb–that’s the time to sing the loudest! Sing louder!

Lead on, O King Eternal… I’m singing, Lord. I’m singing.

4 comments on “When Having Fun Is Not Possible

  1. RIGHT ON, LEE..and keep in mind His promise..”Fear not, for I am with you always”! I am ‘Singing his praises EVERY minute of the day, and I KNOW that He is smiling at my off-key, non-harmonious efforts…but loving every word that I offer up. His promises will prevail..”If My people, who are called by My Name will turn from their wicked ways, and call upon Me…I shall hear them in heaven…and heal their land” GOD BLESS AMERICA..and RECYCLE the RINO’S and DEMORATS in November!

    1. Hmmm..kindred souls..or “great minds traveling together”? 😉

  2. Praise and worship of the King of Kings is exactly the thing that gets me
    through every day. When things are the blackest, what we need is the presence of the Lord, and “He inhabits the praises of His people” If it were not for Him, I would often be in despair.

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