Soaking Your Brain

I grew up on comic books. On a rainy summer day, what could be better than a stack of comic books? Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow…

But I also grew out of comic books. I wanted more than comic books could offer, and real books took their place. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy an occasional reunion with Uncle Scrooge or Blackhawk, and I’d go out of my way for Little Lulu. But I’m not going to marinate my brain in comic books!

Have we become a nation of 10-year-olds? Is our imagination so undeveloped, so abbreviated, that we can’t get into a story unless it’s all laid out for us in pictures?

Yeah, probably.

But you don’t have to restrict yourself to comic books. You can go to movies based on comic books. You can marinate yourself in video games about zombies and hit men and then go to movies based on the video games. Or you can watch TV and soak up shows about the movies about the comic books.

Should the destiny of a great nation be decided by voters who have steeped their brains in comic books? Who, every four years, when they are told that they’re passionately interested in Olympic swimming, gymnastics, and track, actually spend many hours watching swimming, gymnastics, and track? It’s really rather frightening, how obedient we are.

You know that Lex Luthor has just got to be at the bottom of this.


6 comments on “Soaking Your Brain

  1. This is one of the horrible things that comprise our so-called culture of today. A few years ago, I read an article written by a young man who said we are a nation of sheep who have learned to do as we are told, no matter how ridiculous. TSA screening is a case in point, and even such things as being asked to show our check out receipts from stores before leaving the premises, after the person doing the checking just saw us exit the check out lane. He suggested walking right past the goofy employee without submitting to this insult. I agree, and I do not submit to such inconveniences anymore. It is brainwashing, pure and simple.

    1. I just participated in a survey conducted by my state university. It didn’t take long to discover that the thing reeked of Agenda 21. They are just dying, absolutely dying, to take away our cars and cram us onto trains and buses–probably with livestock. But I think our glorious leaders already see us as livestock. Does it ever seem to you that people in this country act like they’re bloomin’ hypnotized?

  2. Absolutely! Hypnotized is the word. I have wondered if having those
    stupid cell phones glued to their heads all the time is frying the brains, or whether the food supply is filled with poison, or what.

  3. I have watched a few superhero movies in my lifetime, but I haven’t read any comics. I like the Adventures of Tintin comic series, though.

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