No Olympics For Me, Thank You

Every four years, the Olympics get a little more loathsome.

It was bad enough when the Olympics were a celebration of nationalism. For all its many faults, nationalism is at least human.

But this tasteless, over-the-top display has evolved into a celebration of global statism. In the Peking Olympics, they had masses of Chinese marching around like robots, perfect little cogs in the machinery of the state. This mess in England, so far, has featured rituals honoring socialized medicine (leaving out the part about your having to pull your own teeth when you have a toothache), multicultural crapola, and denouncing capitalism. We have been treated to sentimental displays of English village life supposedly destroyed by capitalism, breath-taking for sheer hypocrisy. Maybe if they stopped importing Muslims, they could go back to being England–but don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

God only knows what these displays cost. The world is going broke, but spare no expense for the Olympics! How else are statists to celebrate the triumph of the will?

And in the end, we wind up with untold millions of people vegetating on their couches, watching untold hours of swimming, track, and gymnastics because the sponsors and the leaders have told them they are now passionately devoted to swimming, track, and gymnastics–sports that wouldn’t interest them for 30 seconds, otherwise.

I think I’d rather watch ants crawl in an out of an anthill than watch the Olympics. The ants display more individuality.

4 comments on “No Olympics For Me, Thank You

  1. Well, the Olympics is one more event /happening that has evolved from bad to worse. In the beginnings, it seems the object was to glorify the
    human body and all it could accomplish. This may seem trivial, but in light of what it has evolved into, as you so aptly point out, is even more disgusting. No Olympics for me either. While the world goes to hell in a hand basket, people are “dropping out” even more rapidly.

    1. Not to beat a dead horse, but do you know what really gave me the willies? That business of a whole flock of Mary Poppinses floating down on umbrellas, like the paratroopers on D-Day. What in the world was that supposed to mean? But then these spectacular displays of ignorance always remind me of Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death.

  2. Lee,

    Six years ago (pre-Kevin-understanding-time) I would have wanted to watch the Olympics. Now that I understand the bigger picture, I have no interest. Most Americans are gleefully, willingly being divided, sorted and equalized by governments, like cattle in a stockyard, into mindless compliant “we are the world” global citizens. I love your analogy about ants and people. I remember as a child running my finger across ant trails and watching the ants go all different directions, clueless about what to do. Ants only knew one way, whichever way the ant in front of them was going, follow the trail. If anything disrupted their ant (government) defined goal, they had no idea what to do–the total absence of individual thought.

    1. This is the objective of public education, and has been its objective for at least 100 years. Conform and comply! In defense of ants, an ant’s brain is only about as large as the point of a pin. What’s our excuse?

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