And Then They Booed God

After this post, I’ll try to stay away from politics for a while. But it isn’t every day that professional politicians do something so bizarre, so self-damaging, so crass as this.

Right in the middle of their national convention, on national TV, the Democrats booed God. In case you missed it, catch the video at .

First they took God’s name out of their party platform. When the public’s attention was called to that deletion, they decided they’d better put God’s name back in. Some guy claiming to be a minister of the United Methodist Church, and chairman of the platform committee, made a motion on the floor to make the change–because, he said, the Democrat platform just so brilliantly reflects God’s will.

Yep, that’s the very same Democrat platform that promotes same-sex mockmarriage and abortion on demand (paid for with public funds, no less). Those are two projects dear to the hearts of America’s flatline Protestant denominations, but about as estranged as you can possibly get from God’s will as revealed in Scripture. You might even say it would be profoundly insulting to God to have His name linked to such a document.

The convention chairman called for a voice vote by the delegates. Unable, after three tries, to get the result desired by the party leadership, he simply created his own reality by declaring that the “ayes” had it by a two-thirds majority–a blatantly untrue statement–and so God’s name goes back in. That’s when thousands of the delegates booed God.

What does it say about us as a people, that this continues to exist as a national party in America?

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  1. It says we are weighed in the balance and found wanting. If we desire,
    as a people, to be abandoned to our own ruin, this is exactly the way to accomplish that. The removal of the protecting hand of God is one way
    His judgment on a people is accomplished. Our cup of iniquity is running over and destruction is certain to follow.

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