‘Excuses are the Patches…’

Wednesday’s presidential debate has launched us into a national orgy of excuse-making. On Thursday the media were all making excuses for their president’s abject and humiliating failure. On Friday various persons were making excuses for having voted for the guy. (“Oh, I knew he was totally unqualified to be president! But I was so afraid of Sarah Palin…” That’s what happens when Democrats try to think.)

Here now are some of the excuses people have volunteered to me for not voting for Romney… which I think is the same thing as voting for the communist community organizer who hates America and is trying to wreck it.

1. “I’m not going to vote at all because there is no righteous candidate that I can vote for.” Hey, Ace, do you realize what you’ve done? You have decided to let the unrighteous decide who rules over the righteous. Think that’ll turn out good?

2. “I’m not voting because Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same.”
When he wrote his famous Dictionary, Samuel Johnson defined “pastern” as “the knee of a horse.” (It’s the ankle, BTW). When a woman asked him why he wrote that definition, he replied, “Ignorance, madame–pure ignorance.”

Admittedly something happens to Republicans when they go to Washington, particularly if they have been elected to the Senate. But when it comes to the differences between millions of Republicans and millions of Democrats, only pure ignorance can back the assertion that they’re all the same.

3. “Well, I’m voting for that great and wonderful third-party candidate!” Again, pure ignorance–no clue as to how a president is actually elected. In 1992 Ross Perot became the most successful third-party candidate in my lifetime, racking up (if memory serves) some 15% of the popular vote and boosting Bill Clinton into the White House through the bathroom window. Now, that’s a lot of people voting for Perot–but guess how many electoral votes he got?

None! Zip, zero, nada! We have a two-party system and there’s no way anyone from the Green Party, the Vegetarian Party, the Libertarian Party, or the Face on Mars Party will ever be elected president.

4. “I’m not voting because the globalist puppet-masters control everything that happens, and nothing I do will make the slightest difference.” This is a posture of radical despair. The good thing about it is that it totally absolves you of any responsibility as a citizen. And of course, the globalist puppet-masters want you to think like that!

Well, that’s enough of this depressing topic. If you’ve heard more creative excuses for not voting, please share them below.

As my old sixth-grade teacher used to say, “Excuses are the patches in the garment of failure.”

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  1. What you describe is a chronic symptom of the complacent attitude of our current population. The privledge of “casting you vote’ is NO LONGER taught in our schools..it is no longer encouraged in the home or CHURCHES.
    Is it any wonder that 40-70% do NOT take part in the execution of their duty as a member of this “Great Experiment”? Every election cycle of the past 50 years reminds me more and more of the political atmosphere and manipulations of the Brown Shirts and Bolsheviks of the first part of the 20th Century..and the population and authorites simply say…”Oh OK!
    WE are giving, read THROWING away;THAT which so many have risked and sacraficed their wealth, their sacred honor…and their lives for over the past 237 plus years! WHERE have all the Patriots gone…they’ve been re-indoctrinated by our “Progressive Education System” !..and we simply bob our heads in acceptance and say..”Oh OK”!! Lady Liberty deserves an apology for our apathy and deriliction of the trust She has placed with us!!! God Bless America…we certainly don’t deserve it, but really need it NOW!!

    1. It doesn’t take a majority to win a battle! It takes a determined minority however weak. Remember what God told us about that: the weak things of the world and things that are not!, etc.

      In 1776 the colonist didn’t have a standing army, nor a navy, nor enough food or militay supplies; they were well prepared for peace but badly prepared for war!!!!

      England had the “biggest & best” military; help from another country (boughten); military supplies in abundance; plenty of what it takes for an army to move “on its belly”!; a navy and anything else it seemed to need…EXCEPT dependence on God, godly leaders, and a worthy objective. Who had those? And GUESS WHO WON!!!!

      I’ll stick with the Sovereign of the universe and fight on until I die. That shouldn’t be too long at 91 and 3/4!

    2. ….and I’ll be PROUD to stand by your side, Dorothy!
      We wear the same armour, and serve the same KING!

  2. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Here’s an example: There’s been an accident. Someone is badly hurt and there are only two choices for help. One obviously has serious mental problems and is incoherent; the other is steady on his feet and immediately steps out to help. “But he’s the town drunkard,” you say? Well, take your choice.

    We also have a choice, O…. or R…. and it’s not that hard!!!

    Especially after the “debate”!

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