A Fallen Church… And a Prayer for America

Yesterday I drove past the church in which I was raised. I haven’t been inside the building since I heard the new pastor say, “Adultery is no big deal.”

Yesterday they had a new sign up on the front lawn, next to the old sign advertising “a welcoming and affirming congregation.” The new one reads:

“Stop persecuting them by deporting them. Let them stay.” “Them” being illegal aliens, people who break our country’s laws.

What was this sign doing in front of a church? Well, they don’t care much about God’s laws; why should they respect man’s laws?

A Prayer

This is a prayer which I pray every day now, for my country.

“Father, we as a nation are so far gone in sin and folly, so blind, so deaf, so lawless, that we cannot possibly save ourselves. Stretch forth your mighty arm, and the hand that created the heavens and the earth, and by your irresistible strength turn us off the disastrous course we have been following: turn us back to you, and make your face to shine: and then we shall be saved. Amen.”

4 comments on “A Fallen Church… And a Prayer for America

  1. Excellent prayer, Lee. It is very similar to the ones I pray often. I am
    wondering, though, if God will forgive us again and instead continue
    His judgment. It happened in the past when Israel had strayed too far. II Chronicles 7:14 is still in the Scripture, however.

  2. I remember John Madden, the Oakland Raiders coach, talking about a play, where the Minnesota Vikings had just blocked a Ray Guy punt in the Super Bowl. The Vikings were at the one yard line. The Oakland player comes running off the field telling Madden (something like this) “We got them right where we want them. They’re over confident.” The next play the Vikings fumbled the ball and the Raiders recovered. It was just a football game, but when things seem down (way down), I always use the line, “We got them right where we want them. They’re overconfident.” Never give up. Your entire life has been shaped by God and has a purpose. God works in mysterious ways.

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