A Lesson From the Storm

Liberals, progressives, utopians, statists–they all want us to be dependent on the government. They teach us to be dependent. There’s a “dot-Gov” site for everything from how to comb your hair to what name to give your baby. The airwaves teem with commercials exhorting you to get on food stamps. Even quite young children in our wonderful public schools are taught, “Communism really does have a lot of good ideas.”

Yes, yes, everybody–rely on government. Big Brother’s got your back.

Except when something happens.

There are a lot of reasons why Hurricane Sandy was so bad; and one of them is that, instead of being self-reliant, many people counted on the government. And Big Brother let them down. Big-time.

Government by its very nature is too big, too slow, too cumbrous, too corrupt, and too political to function effectively in time of crisis. The higher up the ladder of government you go, the more this applies. Just ask the people on Staten Island, NY: Isn’t waiting for FEMA sort of like waiting for Godot?

The hand of God stirred up this hurricane. About that we can do nothing but repent. But there are human reasons why the response has been so slipshod and the recovery so slow.  Reliance on the government is not the only one of those reasons, but I think it’s the biggest one.

As bad as Public Service Electric & Gas is, it’d be a hundred times worse if it were an agency of the New Jersey state government. That is even too dreadful to contemplate.

3 comments on “A Lesson From the Storm

  1. God bless you, I’m glad to know you are still alive and kicking. Not
    everyone was so fortunate. I hope many more people become “preppers” after seeing the horrors created by this storm. And, I mean
    spiritual preppers as well as physical.

    1. It would have been better if we’d had a proper cooler (we do now), a good supply of candles (not so easy to come by), flashlights that actually work (we do now), more gas in our gas-tanks, and more canned food in our cupboard. Live and learn. I’ve lived in the same town all my life, and the events of last week were the like of which I’d never seen. It’s always hard to prepare for something that’s never happened before.

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