Do Christians Believe in Weather Magic?

Well, yeah–some do. I keep getting emails from people who insist that “the government” brewed up Hurricane Sandy out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, herded it into the Caribbean (killing a whole bunch of people in the process), and then threw it at America–especially New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut–just so it would help Satan’s Servant get re-elected.

I am told that there is “lots of evidence” for this, including “documentaries” based on “published scientific papers.”

So all of a sudden we believe everything we read in “published scientific papers”? What about those myriads of “papers” written in support of Evolution, or Global Warming, or of life somehow creating itself? Are we to believe those, too?

No, no, no.

God the Lord sends the rain or withholds it. I mean, if all this “weather modification” stuff really works, then why are there still droughts, heat waves, unseasonable cold snaps, and all the rest?

I stand on the teaching of the Bible, and refuse to believe that God has yielded up to sinful, stupid men His sovereign lordship over the earth, including the weather. I will not ascribe to men the attributes of God.

That’s one fantasy I won’t believe in.

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    1. I wonder what it is that renders today’s American Christians so susceptible to conspiracy-theory thinking? I write fantasy. I don’t expect a single soul who reads it to believe it. But maybe I should! If they believe men can do what God does, what will they not believe? But my fables are clearly labeled “fantasy.”

  1. Who’s in control of the weather”
    Who tells the clouds where to go?
    Who’s in charge of the raindrop factory?
    Who makes the forms for the snow?

    It’s not the guy called the weatherman;
    Mother Nature can’t take the blame;
    If you really want to know
    Who’s in control,
    Jesus Christ is his name!

    A little ditty written by someone I know many years ago. Of course we know. Anyone who’s ever tried to control the weather ought to figure that out!

  2. When it comes to biblical miracles, one has to keep in mind that we are into the realm of the Creator of this vast Universe, One whom is greater than all the material realm and has power beyond our imagination. There is either a Causative Force, or their isn’t; my money is on the existence of a Creator, making miracles feasible.

    Humankind has power as well, but it is extremely limited. We might be able to affect the weather in some limited manner, but might is the operative word and unpredictable results are not unusual, neither is failure. The certainly could not deliberately brew up something as large as Superstorm Sandy and even if they could, controlling its path would involve power far beyond that of the largest nuclear weapons.

  3. This is a good example of man believing the first lie. When they discover it isn’t true, they’ll be praying for the rocks to fall on them.

  4. The One who opens the windows of Heaven – that’s who’s in control of the weather. And everything else, too!

  5. Again, I think of Jesus words to Nicodemus about a born-again person being like the wind that we don’t know where it comes from or where it is going. My wife & I have a lot of fun with our local TV weathermen and how often they have missed forecast the weather. In high school one of the jokes was, Who iss most likely to become a weatherman.”

  6. I always scoff at people whom believe humans can control weather. Cloud seeding might encourage rain to fall, but that rain was going to fall sooner or later, either way. No one could create a storm and then move it to landfall where they chose it.

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