A Canadian Tragedy (Or Is It a Farce?)

This was bound to happen.  In this excursion into Canadian public policy, the irresistible force has met the immoveable object.

As reported Nov. 16 in The Toronto Sun, a lesbian went to a Muslim barbershop in Toronto and demanded a “businessman’s haircut.” The Muslim barber told her to get lost. So the lesbian, of course, ran to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal and filed a complaint against the barber.

Hmmm… By law, Canada’s Multicultural Act, the Muslim has an inalienable right to refrain from touching a woman, let alone giving her a haircut. And by law, Canada’s Human Rights Act, the lesbian has an inalienable right to force the Muslim to give her a haircut.

O frabjous day! The irresistibly ridiculous has collided with the immoveably inane!

For years both lesbians and Muslims in Canada have used the “human rights” commissions and tribunals to bully Christians. It was their happy hunting ground. The state pays every cent of the plaintiff’s legal costs, the normal rules of evidence do not apply, and we know of not one instance in which the Christian defendant was not screwed.

But now comes the power struggle which I’ve long predicted–the Gays vs. Muslims Steel Cage Match!

Let’s sit back and watch the fun.


5 comments on “A Canadian Tragedy (Or Is It a Farce?)

  1. Now, nearly 6 years later, we have ‘no go’ zones in some cities – places where the police won’t even venture.

  2. It is surprising more cases like this have not been publicized in America. It is still a wonderment how the January 2017 Women’s March had feminist aligned with Muslim women – talk about mixing water and oil.

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