The University as a Fount of Idiocy

As our aggregate student loan debt plods past the trillion-dollar mark, it may be useful to reflect on what college students and parents are getting for their money.

At Butler University, in Indiana, students attempting to get a degree in Political Science have to check their brains and their self-respect at the door. Their professor has “asked”–as in, “Please do what I ask, or I’ll flunk you”–them to “disregard” (whatever that means) their “American-ness, maleness, whiteness, heterosexuality, and middle-class status” when writing and speaking in the classroom. They are commanded instead to “use inclusive language” because doing so is “a fundamental issue of social justice.

Oops! You didn’t have a barf-bag handy? Sorry…

The dean of the stupid place says this is all just jake, and anyhow it’s a university’s job to “make people uncomfortable.” Gee… I wonder if I could make him uncomfortable by saying, oh, something like, “Hey, amoeba-brain! I like being an American, it’s better than being from any other country. I like being a white man. I like being in the middle-class and hope later I’ll be in the upper class. As for heterosexuality, all the alternatives are abominable sins.” Do you think he’d applaud me for making him uncomfortable?

He also says part of the problem here is the English language, which makes it hard to speak “inclusively.” Is he thinking what I think he’s thinking? “From now on, the official language of this university is Esperanto! I mean Chinese! Or maybe Arabic!”

How did our colleges and universities come to be folly factories?

How many tens of thousands of dollars a year are you paying, Mr. Daddy, for your son to be taught that unless he’s a black lesbian foreigner and heathen, he doesn’t count for anything?

This is what we get for thinking everybody has to go to college. “Higher education,” as they call it, has been thinned out and dumbed down to the point where it’s hardly anything but thin and dumb.

But it is expensive!

3 comments on “The University as a Fount of Idiocy

  1. You said a mouth full here. I have looked into this sorry situation for years, and it gets worse exponentially every time I look. In fact, they begin this abominable nonsense even in middle school. Helping a grandson with math alerted me to the fact that the math book was really a sociology book, or you could call it a brainwashing tool. Sickening.
    Barf bag, yes.

    1. Oh, it’s bad, all right!

      After I wrote this little piece, I heard a news story on the radio about a school where a kid brought in a thermometer as part of a Science assignment to bring in samples of various elements–the thermometer, of course, containing the element mercury. Would you believe it? “School officials,” a collective term for idiots, immediately put the school in a “lockdown mode”–something they’ve learned to do from prisons–and summoned a hazmat team, and the fire department, to remove the horribly dangerous thermometer that had mercury in it. Meanwhile, the whole damn building is lit with mercury vapor light bulbs!

      What hope is there for a nation that permits its children to be “educated” by such people?

  2. No hope at all unless a few of these hapless children are fortunate enough to have parents with normal intelligence and an ability to reason. I really do feel sorry for this generation. I thought we were bad, but whew! I thank my God for what I did have.

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