People Control

All sorts of politicians and pundits these days, from His Majesty Mike Bloomberg to, amazingly, the National Rifle Assn., are trying to think of public policies that will “keep something like this from ever happening again,” referring to the Sandy Hook School massacre.

In a country of 300 million people, how do you ensure that no individual, ever again, snaps out someday and kills a bunch of people? Suggestions include draconian gun control laws, gun confiscation, locking up anyone who might appear to be psychologically unbalanced–everything, of course, except allowing more citizens to bear arms to defend themselves and others.

Once again we find our leaders and opinion-shapers drifting into the “pre-crime” business. It’s the video games. It’s the medications. It’s the diet. It’s global warming. Blame it on the bossa-nova. The point is: Apparently the government does not have enough control over our behavior.

To hell with that. We don’t have enough control over the pagan stupid idiots who dominate our government.

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