How to Insult the NRA

Actually, it’s not hard to insult the National Rifle Assn. or just about any other organization. Just liken them to a teachers’ union.

In New York City, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is in a huff because King Michael Bloomberg I said AFT is “like the NRA.” The union boss said, “You take that back! We demand an apology!”

For the benefit of all, I will explain how the AFT is not a bit like the NRA.

The NRA serves useful functions in society, safeguarding the Second Amendment and teaching people how to handle firearms safely. The AFT is a teacher union.

The NRA is funded 100% by membership dues paid voluntarily. But you can’t teach in New York unless you join the AFT, and they take out of your paycheck whatever they please.

The NRA is not a money-laundering operation. All teacher unions are.

The NRA consists of law-abiding citizens who love their country. The AFT is a teacher union.

The NRA actually succeeds in doing the things it promises to do. The AFT is a teacher union.

No one has to contribute to the NRA who doesn’t wish to. The AFT is a teacher union.

The NRA is not parasitic. The AFT is a teacher union.

This controversy, by the way, is all about the AFT’s efforts to block the establishment of any meaningful kind of teacher evaluation.

Bloomberg should apologize to the NRA for comparing it to a teacher union.


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