Armstrong to Lance Himself

Ego te absolvo, mutton-head…

All have sinned, and all need forgiveness from sins. The Bible teaches us that the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, “hath power on earth to forgive sins” (Matthew 9:6).

But apparently that’s not good enough today. Lance Armstrong, who once had the world by the tail, but pissed it all away by cheating and getting caught, wants to have his sins forgiven so he can be a celebrity again and make money from endorsements. So he will publicly, on TV, seek absolution.

From another celebrity. From Oprah Winfrey, in fact.

It seems Oprah hath power on earth to forgive sins: at least that’s what Lance is hoping. On Jan. 17 he’s scheduled to appear on Oprah’s cable TV show to confess his sins to her and ask her to wipe them away. He’ll probably cry, too. And Oprah will cry. I know I would, if I were forced to watch this.

All right, boys and girls… Can you say BLASPHEMY?

Funny, isn’t it? The more blasphemy we have in our culture, the less the word is used.

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  1. I won’t wear those silly bicycle hats. In Arkansas I don’t even have to wear a helmet when I ride a motorcycle, but I always do. Lance was cheating all along so he is no hero period. Let’s see him win a race fair & square.

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