Freedom! Freedom! (Well, Not Exactly)

Friends of ours moved to Florida a few years ago, and this winter, decided to repaint their house. They sent us a picture when it was done. It looked nice–kind of a flamingo color-scheme. What could be more Florida than that?

Imagine their surprise when the town authorities told them they had to repaint yet again, pronto, because some anonymous busybody complained about the color of their house: and also the color violated an obscure municipal ordinance by being too dark, 80% of the paint in the can must be white. The houses in this town, by law, are all required to be in pale colors, blah-blah…

You can’t have a pink house. You can’t smoke. You can’t have a 100-watt light bulb. You can’t say this, you can’t do that. Retiring from Congress, Ron Paul said he was “amazed” by how terrifically hard it is to sell Americans on freedom. They just don’t seem to want it.

Could it have anything to do with a public education system whose primary mission, whose single most important job, is to train minds to seek out and embrace conformity? Conformity at all costs, give me conformity or give me death!

And in New York City, where you can’t have a large soda if you want one, they’re building “Freedom Tower.” Hot dog!

7 comments on “Freedom! Freedom! (Well, Not Exactly)

    1. That’s where the confusion lies – they want free stuff, not freedom.

  1. Well, they’re selective about which freedoms they want. After all, they demand freedom to have indiscriminate sex, freedom to kill their children in the womb, freedom to collect money and goods from other people’s pockets, freedom to beat up anyone who disagrees with them, and so on.

  2. I substitute in the public school system, or should I say, the brain washing factory. Want to become depressed? Substitute in a public school and witness the great wasteland where our youth are punished with “knowledge”.

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