The Show Must Go On

Thanks to all my readers who sent their condolences on my mother’s passing. The viewing is tomorrow and  burial will be on Saturday, so don’t expect anything out of me until that’s all over and done with.

She made me very happy when, just two weeks ago, she finished reading The Last Banquet and told me, “You can be very proud of these books.” That comment was a long time coming, and I will always treasure it.

Meanwhile, I think my mother would advise me that the show (as much as possible) must go on. So consider this bit of lunacy from our ruling class:

Admiral Makes Incredibly Stupid Statement

A few days ago Admiral Sam Locklear II, the commander of all our country’s military forces in the Pacific, overlooked North Korea’s threat to attack South Korea and maybe even hurl a few nukes our way, ignored China’s aggression toward Japan, and proclaimed that “the gravest threat” to the security of the United States is… you guessed it: Global Warming!

As Hercule Poirot would say, there are only two possible explanations.

1) The admiral is an utter nincompoop. And how happy are we about such a ninnie commanding nuclear submarines?

2) The admiral has no integrity whatsoever, and is willing to say anything, anything, to ingratiate himself with our feckless political leaders in hope of advancing his career–which, it seems to me, has already advanced more than far enough.

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