What Else Remains to be Said?

I hardly know what to say today. But I do know that I have work to do, that the show must go on: and that God, who has given me strength before when I really needed it, must be my strength in all things. We are weak, but He is strong.

I do wish we could have given my mother a bigger sendoff. But as she said herself, not long ago, “I’m at an age (90) when most of the people who would come to my funeral have already had their own.”

Last night the high-school kid next door had an an all-night party (starting in the afternoon): life goes on. All around us, life goes on. Death is an offense, an aberration, the product of Adam’s disobedience. Christ Our Lord has defeated death; God the Father will abolish it.

I just wish I understood why it’s taking Him so long. But then who am I to understand God? As the old hymn has it, “Trust and obey…”

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  1. Dear Lee, He’s taking so long because of the highschool kid next door. He will indeed be your strength. Blessings to your family, Mrs. Tucker


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