Conservative Cowards

Not content with abandoning his place in our defenses, Jonah Goldberg in his column today tries to lure his readers to the Dark Side, arguing that we can join him in endorsing same-sex mockmarriage and still oppose abortion.

That’s very comforting, isn’t it?

Up and down the line, the “leaders” of what is still called the conservative movement are throwing down their shields and running away from the battle, leaving us nobodies to soldier on without them. Their position is that we can freely debase and devalue marriage and the family however we please, and our civilization will never be the worse for it.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this before the Goldbergs and the Portmans and the Coulters will be able to understand it, but here goes:

If you won’t conserve marriage and the family as the basic building-blocks of human society, you won’t be able to conserve anything of value at all. “Sexual liberty” will gobble up all our other liberties. If you think free speech or freedom of religion can survive the redefinition of marriage, you’re bigger fools than I take you for.

Marriage is a serious matter. Holy matrimony between a man and a woman is a type of Christ’s relationship with His Church. Have none of these fools read the Book of Revelation?

God ordained marriage, God defines marriage, and it is not in the power of a bunch of black-robed sinners, in love with their own sophomoric cleverness, to redefine it. I don’t care what any court says. I don’t care what any mob of politicians, academics, jive conservative commentators, or teachers union says to the contrary–and you shouldn’t, either.

I am awfully tired of my country being run by immoralists, liars, thieves, orcs, and morons. Aren’t you?

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  1. Yes, like you I am very sick of it, but I guess our so-called “Christian” brethren are not sick enough. Regardless of how spineless a praying Christian may appear to others, prayer and a return to holiness by the remnant church is what will save this or any nation that cries out to God. Let us all learn to cover this nation and our own lives in The Blood each day OR await the persecution that surely is already will coming. Just mho.

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