Serving Up Slop to Teen Readers

Browsing the Young Readers Fiction section in my supermarket this morning, I checked up on my competition. I don’t want to give them free publicity, so I won’t mention titles or authors’ names. But here’s what teens are reading.

Most of this, by the way, is pitched to girls. It seems girls read more than boys. Maybe boys are busy with video games. I wonder how much longer our civilization will last.

Most of the books for girls seem to be geared to training them to be Romance addicts later on. You know: the 200-pound young woman lying on the couch, popping bon-bons and Cheezits into her mouth while reading a paperback whose cover features a nearly-naked woman on her knees, embracing a bare-chested tribesman… I think I’m going to be sick.

There’s one series about a race of super-girls, immortal of course, eternally beautiful, possessing superhuman powers–they get this way by practicing witchcraft–and their endless seductions of hunky bare-chested stable boys. There’s this bad bishop who stalks them, hoping to burn them at the stake. Unfortunately he doesn’t succeed.

There’s another one in which a teenage girl discovers she was born immortal, and she’s in love with this incredibly sexy bare-chested guy who–guess what!–is also immortal, and she’s being pursued all the time by this real sexy bare-chested bad guy and he’s immortal, too…

Question: At what point does immortality kick in for these folks? I mean, why aren’t they newborn babies forever? If they age into teenagers, won’t they just keep on aging until they get worn out and keel over like the rest of us?

The rest of the books look even worse. I can’t bring myself to describe them even in the most general terms.

I do wish people would give my books a shot. I guarantee they bear no resemblance to those discussed above.

10 comments on “Serving Up Slop to Teen Readers

  1. “I do wish people would give my books a shot. I guarantee they bear no resemblance to those discussed above.”

    … to those disgusted above??


    Mary Beth


    1. If our contemporary civilization is good at nothing else, it does excel in the art of pouring dreck into young minds.

  2. One word repeated three times: “puke, puke and more puke” You better keep writing your God-inspired stuff, Lee.

    1. You wouldn’t believe how I’m craving to write a new book. But I have to wait upon the Lord: He’ll let me know when it’s time to start.

  3. Actually, I am amazed that young people even read anything any more.
    If they are reading that trash, it explains a lot. Heaven help us.

  4. Heaven forbid that they put some positive values into these books. “Ye shall be like God” has been repeated since the very beginning and these books seem to be staking up the refrain.

  5. With the advent of the self-publishing world, Christians with any kind of writing skills need to actualize their potential and produce tomes to counteract the enemy’s efforts to derail our youth. I am taking the plunge myself and should be self-published with a book for youth in early 2018. We can’t just sit on the sidelines and let Lee Duigon do it all for us (I even recommend reading his “Bell Mountain” series in my book).

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