A Word to Christians: Endure

I have never in my life seen anything as bizarre and chilling as the present decay of our civilization.

With immoralists driving both public policy and culture, they will lead people into behaviors that will cause national birth rates to crash and national economies to collapse. They have put us at risk of God’s judgment… but of course that’s only “Bible-thumping,” isn’t it?

We must remain faithful to God and to God’s word. We must endure.

Because, as the Bible teaches us (I Corinthians, Chapter 1), God uses weak things to overthrow the mighty, things that are despised to overthrow the things that are exalted, the foolishness of holiness to overthrow the suicidal wisdom of this world–and even things that are not, to bring to nothing things that are.

Someday this age of calamities will be overpast. As sure as Christ is risen from the dead, this evil age will end. God already knows the exact day and the exact hour of its ending. If there is still a United States of America afterward, that will be a pleasant surprise.

Pray, and speak the truth.

We must endure.


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  1. Lee, what wise advice – pray, seek God in the Secret Place and endure. Once God is through with the shaking as He will be, then we will find that we have become Overcomer when everything else is in shambles.

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