The Loving Left

Rick Warren‘s son has committed suicide. Most people would consider that a tragedy. But not the American Left. For them it’s an opportunity.

That is, an opportunity to spew hatred at a man who never did them any harm, purely because of his publicly expressed Christian beliefs and his failure to leap joyfully aboard the Organized Sodomy bandwagon. These low-lifes swarmed onto the social media, hiding behind its anonymity, to attack Warren and his family, to try to cause them additional pain. Most of these creatures seem to be both atheists and sodomites–a natural combination.

Gee, this is exactly the way they behaved when Michael Crichton died. His offense was to declare Global Warming a hoax–that is, he told the truth about it. And so the slime began to flow, as it’s flowing now.

This is the crowd who says they’re all for Diversity and Tolerance and Personal Freedom, yatta-yatta. Liberals hate liberty. Diversity-mongers will cut your heart out if they think your opinion diverges from theirs. And tolerance-sharks will not tolerate anyone who declines to be dictated to by them.

Monsters, all of them…

5 comments on “The Loving Left

  1. Watch out, the shysters aren’t shy. I think it’s the crust the slime enwraps them. Pray harder that their blindness will be diminished that they may see The Light. And, remember where they are going. I’d not want to be in their casket.

  2. We live in a perverse and wicked generation. Celebrating a tragedy in another person’s life is evil.

    1. God doesn’t like it. We aren’t permitted to celebrate even an enemy’s destruction. Although whose enemy Barbara Bush was, I dunno.

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