Some Common Sense, Please!

Do people commit mass murders, and other horrific crimes, simply because weapons are available?

If that were true, then “gun control” would work and Chicago would be the safest and most crime-free city in America.

Chances are you’ve never shot anyone, robbed a bank, or burned down someone’s home. Why not? Is it because there’s a policeman standing guard over you? Or do you just not do stuff like that because it’s wrong, because you have no desire to hurt or terrorize others–in short, because you’re a normal human being?

Let’s suppose the entire country is populated by individuals who are governed by a lust to kill. How many police would you need to keep them from loosing an orgy of murder? It would not be possible to maintain a police force large enough to control 300 million homicidal jerks.

While our idiot leaders in Washington diddle around with new gun laws that will do nothing except to infringe upon the rights of law-abiding, peaceful citizens–for some reason criminals habitually ignore laws–we have Hollywood cranking out one movie after another featuring death and dismemberment, bodies and body parts flying all over the screen; we have a whole “gangsta” subculture which collects “music” award for “songs” about raping and beating women, shooting cops, shooting rival gang members, etc.; and we have boys growing up spending how many hours a day absorbed in video games about massacres and generalized bloodletting. We have schools and “educators” teaching whole generations of children that Christianity is wrong and the great goal in life is to please oneself: the Marquis De Sade could hardly say it better. And the smartest people in the country are all pumped up to destroy marriage and the family.

We’re trashing our civilization six ways from Sunday, and the morons in the Senate think more “gun control” will save us?

Can they really, truly be that stupid?


3 comments on “Some Common Sense, Please!

  1. But of course gun control will save us! No one ever kills anyone with anything except a gun!
    These people remind me of the Lady of the Green Kirtle in the Silver Chair. She knows full well that Aslan and the Overworld and the sun exist, but she still argues to the death against it all because she wants to control Rillian, Puddleglum, Eustace, and Jill and keep them in her world. Liberals are exactly the same way.

    1. “Repeat after me: Yes, we can trash our culture every day, in every way, and everything will be just fine as long as we have gun control, immigration reform, and same-sex marriage… Everything will be wonderful…”

      Now would be a very good time for the Lord to intervene.

  2. No, they are not quite that stupid, just malevolent and venal control
    freaks. If you read some of the insiders’ books concerning how the various wars actually started, you can see these “brightest and best” bureaucrats and others are not really stupid, just without wisdom or morality.

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