Introducing the Greegie Award for Clueless Arrogance in Government

We ought to recognize the most egregiously stupid things said and done by public officials or public agencies–because, after all, they’re doing it on our dime.

So is born the “Greegie,” a formal recognition by this blog of clueless arrogance in government. To win a Greegie, the person or agency must display towering stupidity: ordinary tom-fool dopiness just won’t cut it.

And the winner of our First Official Greegie Award is…

The Chief Electoral Officer of British Columbia, a man named Keith Archer, for this gem of buffoonery which has been shown on TV as a public service announcement. Please bear in mind that the job of the Chief Electoral Officer is “the fair, impartial, and efficient administration of provincial elections.”

The message is entitled, “How Old Do You Have To Be To Vote?” Here is the complete text, with our comments in brackets and italics:

There’s an election coming; and some people still ask: “How old do you have to be to vote in BC?”

Well, it’s when you’re old enough to want to pitch in…[What about if you want to pitch things out? Starting with Dr. Archer, perhaps.]

When you’re wise enough to know it takes a community to raise a child. [That makes you “wise”? This is what comes out of the microscopic bubo of tissue that serves this official as a brain. If you can’t think of a dozen people in your community whom you most emphatically don’t want coming anywhere near your child, let alone “raising” your child for you, you don’t think at all.]

It comes when you’ve been in BC long enough to know that it’s special… but delicate. [Whatever the dickens that means. Your guess is as good as mine.]

It’s when you’re old enough to value a just society… and it’s when you’re young enough that your best still lies ahead of you… [Boy, do you have to watch your paycheck whenever somebody like this uses the words “just” or “justice”! Or maybe this is yet another sentence utterly devoid of meaning. It would seem Dr. Archer’s “best” probably lies several centuries in the future.]

Oh–and you have to  be 18. [He finally gets around to answering the question.]

Runner-up was whatsisname, the mouthpiece for Obama, who laughed off Benghazi by saying “it happened a long time ago.” Eight months. This from the ninnies who talk about slavery like it was still there when they went to bed last night.

Nominations for Greegies may be made by visitors to this blog at any time, simply by adding a comment to whatever article you happen to be reading. I’ll see it, and I’ll do the rest. Maybe at the end of the year I’ll be able to award a Grand Greegie.


2 comments on “Introducing the Greegie Award for Clueless Arrogance in Government

  1. Love this idea 😀 And… wow, that guy is stupid. They ask how old you have to be to vote (like they can’t Google it? Like they haven’t lived though enough elections to know the age by now?) and he goes off on a bunch of grand-sounding but meaningless requirements… and then says, “Oh, by the way, it doesn’t matter if you’ve met all these requirements. You still have to be eighteen. Also, if you’re eighteen, it doesn’t matter if you don’t meet any of those other requirements.”
    And excellent point about liberals’ complete cluelessness on the matter of time. We still have to compensate everybody on God’s green earth for what our ancestors did to their ancestors, but they won’t hold themselves accountable right now. I guess they figure their grandchildren will be paying for it later on, so it doesn’t matter.

    1. It’s important to expose these morons every chance we get. Remember, any idiot with the right connections can get into any public office in the land. Once in power, Mr. Ignoramus magically turns into an all-knowing sage, able to decide whatever complex issue comes along. I am sorry to say people have an instinct to trust them. It would be well if persons in power recognized their limitations and held themselves accountable to God. They might then be entitled to some respect. But they don’t, so they aren’t. Public ridicule must hold the fort for us until we can get term limits on everyone in Washington. I think a good limit to start with might be, say, 36 hours.

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