A Jackass Wins a Greegie

This week’s Greegie Award, for egregious stupidity and clueless arrogance in government, goes to a jerk from Rhode Island who blames the killer tornado in Oklahoma on Republicans and other “climate change deniers.”

U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse–just what the White House needs, these days: yet another thing to be ashamed of–ranted on the Senate floor about the GOP “run[ing] off the climate cliff like a bunch of lemmings” and being a bunch of “polluters” and “deniers.” (Democrats, of course, never pollute. If you don’t believe it, just visit New Jersey.) “You drag America with you to your fate,” he gibbered insanely.

Yes–if only we would let progs and libs and Dems take all our money and wipe out all our freedom, and do whatever it is they want to do, there would be no more tornadoes. All we have to do is let them dictate the most minute details of our lives, and they’ll stop Global Warming in its tracks.

Senator Outhouse went into his partisan rant while the people of Oklahoma were still digging out the bodies and gazing blankly at the wreckage of their homes. This is clueless arrogance with a vengeance.

Meanwhile, today’s online AP poll asks, “Do you think the tornado was caused by Global Warming?” The poor AP pollsters: they never get the answer they want. The tally so far: Unsure, 373; Yes, 1,034; No, 2,170. That’s 2-1 against your side, boyos.


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