The UFOs Are Coming!

Actually, it’s cicadas: 17-year-locusts.

My wife and I were riding in her car today and heard a funny noise. We thought maybe there was something wrong with the car, or maybe not. When she stopped the car, the noise continued. It was all around us. Sort of a science-fictiony-sounding noise.

A few minutes later, the Mr. Nature portion of my brain kicked in and I realized what it was: cicadas in the trees. Jillions of them. They’ve been coming out of the ground lately, to shed their larval skins and become adults, and mate. This year we have the 17-year locusts, who all lay their eggs at the same time and emerge from the earth 17 years later, all at once. (There are other kinds of cicadas who don’t do this, so every summer you’ll have some.)

I couldn’t help wondering how many people, knowing no better, heard the strange noise all around them in the trees and just freaked out. I mean, this is exactly the kind of noise flying saucers and other alien doohickeys make when a whole bunch of them land and start exterminating the human race. We’ve all heard it in the movies, especially in 1950s flying-saucer movies. Think woom-woom-woom as the UFOs demolish Capitol Hill in Earth vs. the Flying Saucers–although these days, that strikes me as a rather cheery image.

“They did it, the dirty so-and-sos–just like on The X-Files. They sold us out to the aliens, and now the aliens are here! What’ll we do?”

Amnesty, and a quick path to citizenship?

4 comments on “The UFOs Are Coming!

  1. Sign them up for Obamacare; and then have them apply for an IRS Tax Exemption…that should run them back to where they came

  2. “Fear not little children; it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom…”

    Locusts are mentioned very frequently throughout the Old/New Testament…if we can be like David who heard the sound of the leaves rustling in the trees signaling his God-given strategy for warfare, we will be alright…

    Take heart everyone! God has also said He would return the years the locusts and canker-worm have eaten….it’s called Restoration guys!

    1. Happily, these locusts don’t do much harm. The 17-year cicadas are a regular part of the cycle which God has built into this neighborhood of His creation. In return for the small damage their larvae do to the trees, the adults are a windfall for the birds and other animals.

      When His rod of correction comes down on this poor, fallen country, I’m afraid it’ll be something a lot harsher than 17-year locusts!

      But then, God willing, things will be better.

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