Wise Up, O Men of God

There’s a lovely old hymn called “Rise Up, O Men of God.” If you don’t know it, you can read and listen to it here ( http://www.cyberhymnal.org/htm/r/i/riseupom.htm ).

We used to sing it in Sunday school, and in our childhood impishness, sometimes sang it as “Wise Up, O Men of God.” In this we spoke more wisely than we knew.

Even today, the vast majority of Americans at least profess to be Christians. But their understanding of Christianity is becoming foggier and foggier, and more and more unbiblical. It’s time for Christians to wise up.

Wise up, o men of God. Read your Bible daily. Find out what it really says, and think and act accordingly.

Wise up, o men of God. There’s a lot of stuff being taught in seminaries today that flatly contradicts the Bible, as sinful men and women try to elevate their own flawed and fallible suppositions over God’s word, which is perfect and unchanging. Don’t just accept whatever your pastor says from the pulpit. Check it against the Word.

Wise up, o men of God. There are multitudes of people in government, in Hollywood, in the courts, in the news media, and, most abundantly, in schools and colleges who are not your friends and who are doing their level best to lead you into error. Our country’s not the better for it.

Wise up, o men of God. The things you want, and the things you want to do, are not always in accord with God’s word. Let the Scriptures instruct you. If your way is not God’s way, you need to change your way.

Wise up, o men of God. Too many people are out there trying to sell you a bill of goods. At least Esau knew he was getting a bowl of soup in return for his birthright. And it still was sin and folly on his part. We who are like Esau today aren’t even getting a decent bowl of soup for what we’re giving up.

Wise up, wise up, wise up!

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