Ugh! What a Nightmare!

I had a dream the other night, when everything was still–and it wasn’t of Susannah a-comin’ down the hill.

I dreamed I was standing on the beach, nobody else around, just watching the surf. And then up from the waters rose… Bill Clinton. Larger than life. He wore a wet tuxedo and looked kind of bloated, so I couldn’t be sure if he was dead or alive. And then he advanced toward me…

Of course I woke up.

By and by it occurred to me that this was not as original as it seemed at first. And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. (Revelation 13:1)

No, I’m not making up a wise-guy story to make a political point and abuse Scripture. I really had the dream, just as I’ve told it to you. And I don’t think I need a crystal ball to understand it, either. Neither do you. We need hardly discuss anything so obvious.

Does the current state of our country give you bad dreams?

It should.

6 comments on “Ugh! What a Nightmare!

  1. Yes Lee, this old soldier has shared similar dreams, and as with many of my bad “dreams”..wake up in a cold sweat. Unfortunately, lately I spend a more significant amount of time anquishing about “How are we going to fix it”!! It would be much easier to remedy the situation IF we had an enlightened voter population, but WE don’t!! What we have (are) is a minority controlled political machine, populated with young, and not so young, politically-illiterate, morally deficient and self-serving block of drones whom WE have allowed to be “educated” by a larger, more decadent group of drones whose warped senses and perspective of just what liberty and this Great Experiment is all about! What WE have allowed to take place is now coming home to roost…and I shudder to contemplate just exactly WHAT it is going to take to “drive them OUT of
    THE Temple!
    “Crusty Old Sergeant-Major!

    1. I have begun to think that unless God fixes it, it isn’t going to be fixed. I fear that I’ll outlive my country.

  2. Well, of course if God doesn’t fix it, it won’t be fixed. “Except the LORD build the house …; except the LORD keep the city …. (Psa. 127:1). But you knew that. What I’m beginning to believe is that I’ve already outlived my country. It’s certainly not the country with which I began my life! It was hijacked by “the enemy” while the rest of us waited for the rapture. We forgot that when the LORD builds the house and keeps the city, He uses builders and watchmen who trust and obey.

    1. Yes, I’m afraid sitting on our hands and waiting for the Rapture, while the bad guys ran wild and snapped up everything, turned out to be a bad idea. We can thank C.I. Scofield for that. Yep, abandon the whole shooting match to the servants of Satan, and see what happens.

  3. Yes, C.I. Scofield, indeed. I grew up on Scofield, both in church and at Bible College. When I left for grad school for an MA in Old Testament in the early 1970s, the “pillars” of my home church said, “Don’t go to that school–they don’t believe in Scofield!” Well, their fears were realized, because I completed my degree not believing in Scofield’s system either. It just isn’t Scriptural. But I find that even in good Reformed and Covenantal churches–even the ones that talk about reclaiming the culture–the spirit (if not the letter) of rapture-waiting is alive and well. I guess it’s a fear of “reconstruction” and “theonomy”, because if we REALLY tried to take back the culture, we would be attacked with a vengeance. Oh that God might move among us! (BTW, sorry to be so late in following up with this post!)

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