Culture Rot: Are We in Worse Trouble Than We Thought?

Today at the YMCA gym, I spotted a banner hanging on the wall. It belonged to one of the summer day camp “tribes.” I went over for a closer look, because kids so often write and draw very funny things.

Well, this one wasn’t funny.

The name of the tribe was “The Devils.” All right, maybe these kids are hockey fans. But the banner was scrawled over with slogans–“Join the Dark Side” and “The Dark Side Rules!”–with many repetitions of the word “Evil” and a great many drawings of pitchforks (not hockey sticks).

I fetched someone from the front desk to look at it, and it creeped her out. By the time I’d come back from my shower, she’d had it taken down. The kids who created it, we were told by teenage day camp counselors, are sixth-grade girls. Did they get this from a movie, a TV show, or a video game? Nope. “They just made it up.”

But they were getting it from somewhere, and I’ll find out where. Satanism doesn’t just naturally occur to sixth-graders as some kind of default position.

Some of you parents out there–do you know where kids are getting this? If you do, please tell us.

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  1. I am a parent of three children my youngest is now 15 and three step children – youngest is 16.

  2. I am a parent of three children – youngest 15 and three step children youngest 16 and a grandma. The evil that has pervaded our children since even I was a child is monumental. In my young years it was a giggle about bewitched and a wink at the drunks on Mash, and three old women who liked to have sex (The sunshine girls) Have you watched current cartoons? When my son was little the big thing was Pokeman cards and some other card set. When I realized they were pictures of creatures using magical powers to harm others I had to tell my son that I had made a mistake by letting him play with them. Explain that we could not ponder evil and doing evil to others. He was not happy for a little while but he got over it. TV indoctrinates our children into evil. Vampires, zombies, sex and toddlers sexualized to look like adults. Pretty Little Liars. The Disney Family Channel glorifying witchcraft with Harry Potter and Oh how about the Hallmark Channel glorifying The White Witch and the White Witches Family. When my stepdaughter asks to go to a movie with a girl from school I oftenhandedly asked if the friend from school was gay. She said yes. My stepdaughter did not go to the movies that day. I explained to her that teens shouldnt even be thinking if they are gay or not because teens shouldnt even think about having sex until they are married. So now the boyscouts think young boys will know they are gay and can join. There has been a total desensitization campaign of calling evil good and good evil. The ONLY line I see between my children and the world is parents. The schools will promote evil. Just ask my son’s second grade teacher who tried to make Harry Potter books required reading for my son. I protested. Look at the cartoons. They have one about the angel of death. Look at TV Fathers are made to look like buffoons and moms have a wandering eye and are never home and clueless. I think you get my point in this post. As you suspect I could go on further, but will cut short.
    Thanks for giving us an opportunity to answer.

    1. You’ve said it very well, Kathleen–thanks for sharing.

      I don’t have TV in my home, and we have no children. Nevertheless, you’d have to be blind and deaf and brainless not to perceive the toxic mud that’s being slung at children from all directions. And very few people seem to care! You care, and I care, and I daresay most of the readers of this blog care. But if most people in this country felt as we do, well, this evil stuff wouldn’t be happening.

      God save us.

  3. All the satanic, rebellious music they listen to, the books and movies that make light of witchcraft and even outright dark magic, the idea of the anti-hero (a ‘hero’ in a story who does not hold to traditional morals and is not necessarily a good person), constant graphic violence on the TV and in video games, an absence of sound Biblical moral training.

    1. I agree with all you’ve said, but I’m looking for something specific–some actual TV show, or movie, or book, or comic book, or video game–so I can write about it by name.

      I’m guessing you know more kids than I do. Does anything I described in the post ring a bell?

  4. I’m certain that there are many sources of such things in the entertainment offered to kids these days. Remember the “After-School Satan” clubs? Satan is becoming ever more bold in his desire to be worshipped.

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