Atheist Chic

I have a forum on–which I pay for–where I and my Esteemed Colleagues discuss a variety of issues, including religion and politics. As host, I insist that the conversation be civil.

But of course that never stops atheists from coming in and calling me “stupid” for believing in God, and calling themselves “smart” for not believing in Him. They come into my virtual living room, as it were, and pee on the rug.

Where do they get their enormous sense of entitlement? I guess all they have to do is look around the culture and see that those who hate God and despise God’s people are hailed as oracles and intellectuals, and they want a piece of that. Either that, or they were all raised in some incredibly rustic environment where even the most rudimentary good manners are entirely unknown.

Well, I don’t care. God is God, His word is presented to us in the Bible, the blood of His Son has washed away my sins, and I would rather win eternal life than eternal praise from fools. I don’t care how many letters they have after their names. I don’t care what schools they went to.

I’m nothing special. But it doesn’t matter. I have God’s word to guide me, delivered through Moses and the prophets, through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, through the apostles, and by Jesus Christ Himself. I may be a pygmy, but I stand with giants.

Happy New Year, everybody. And thanks for visiting this blog.

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  1. Pejoratives and ad hominem attacks are pretty much the last resort when someone can’t can’t debate on facts alone and effectively defend their position. It really shows their insecurities.

    Have a happy new year.

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