Political Vandalism

One of the reasons it’s so hard to combat “Progressivism” is that Democrats always change the subject. They’re like firebugs loose in an enormous mansion, torching the place wherever they go. No sooner do you put out a fire in the billiard room, then they’ve started one in the lounge. You’re always one fire behind.

And so, with Obamacare revealed as a disaster, and Global Warming as sheer humbug, libs ‘n’ progs have moved on to yet another vast subject–“Income Inequality.” They’re all yakking about it–which gets them out of having to defend Obamacare and Global Warming. The Occupant of the White House, noozies, academics, celebrities, and so on down the line: suddenly they’re all talking Income Inequality..

The new mayor of New York, Bill DeBlasio–aka Warren Wilhelm Jr., but he doesn’t use his real name–has vowed to abolish Income Inequality in his city, mostly by taxing “the rich” until they aren’t rich anymore.

Let’s look logically at this lunatic boast. There are only three ways DeBlasio can achieve Income Equality in New York City.

1) He can make everybody rich. If you think this is in any way possible, please clue in the rest of us.

2) He can “tax the rich” and give their money to “the poor” until everybody winds up somewhere in the middle. This will work if “the rich” consent to stay there and be robbed.

3) He can make everybody poor. Destroy “the rich” or run them out of town, it doesn’t matter. As we have seen in Zimbabwe, North Korea, the Soviet Union, and countless other places, any gang of stooges, with enough power, can impoverish a whole nation. It shouldn’t be hard at all to impoverish New York City. Just do whatever they did in Detroit, Camden, Gary, etc. It’s been done before, and surely Mayor Wilhelm can do it again.

Had enough yet, America?

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