Homeschooling Family Spared Deportation

As the leaders and intelligentsia of this fallen world do their level best to turn the human race into wandering bands of vegetarian homosexuals, good news is increasingly hard to come by. But here’s some!

Hours after the Supreme Court refused to hear their case, and with deportation back to Germany hanging over their heads–meaning fines, imprisonment, and loss of their children–the Romeike family got an unexpected reprieve from the Dept. of Homeland Security.

The family can stay in America (see ).

The Romeikes came to America as political refugees. Under a law enacted originally by the Third Reich, homeschooling is strictly verboten in Germany. Had they stayed, the Romeikes would have been treated as criminals. German judges say this is necessary to prevent people from developing “a parallel culture” in Germany. Everybody gotta goose-step to the same tune.

Although Germany has never requested that the Romeikes be shipped back to the Fatherland, and although a court originally granted them asylum, US Attorney General Eric Holder overruled the immigration court and insisted that the family be deported.

Suddenly the ball wound up out of his court, and Homeland Security did an about-face and ruled that the family can stay. Makes you wonder how that happened, doesn’t it?

The Romeikes had settled in to their Tennessee community and won the affection and respect of their neighbors–many of whom, yesterday, were promising to oppose the deportation with civil disobedience. The Romeikes are hard-working, law-abiding, church-going, English-speaking persons. Had they been the opposite of all those things, Holder would surely have wanted to keep them in America.

But let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth!

Pray it’s the beginning of better days to come.

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