A Rejected Invitation

Every day I get invitations to review books. Usually they’re by people I never heard of, about topics that have no bearing on my work.

But last night I got one that made my hair stand on end. I won’t tell you the author’s name or the title (you’ll soon see why). The email was from this person’s publicist.

So, here’s a book about a romance between “a bisexual woman” and “a transgendered man,” by which they mean a woman who, by dint of surgery and hormone injections, is being turned into a monstrous parody of a man. Or, as the publicist put it, a person “born female, but who became the man of her dreams.” And here’s the cute quote that was intended to pique my interest: “What’s a girl to do when she’s been unlucky in love with both men and women?”

You don’t really want to know my answer to that, do you?

We are told that writing and publishing this book is “therapy” for the writer. The last time I reviewed one of those therapy books, the author phoned my editor and angrily demanded I take it back.

The Bible teaches us that “It is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves” (Psalm 100). But all this new wacked-off crazy foolishness about “gender choices” and “gender reassignment” and “celebrate” this or that perverted and bizarre lifestyle–it’s all about divorcing ourselves from God. We are going to be the ones who make us, in any “gender” we want. And maybe once we’ve mastered that, we’ll get around to re-making ourselves as members of other species. “What’s a girl to do, when she falls in love with a German shepherd that used to be a man that used to be a woman…?”

America’s moral meltdown continues.

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