Eco-Nazi Wants to Jail Global Warming Skeptics

I’m not qualified to analyze anyone’s computer models. But I do think I understand how various kinds of people behave.

At yet another of our revered institutes of higher learning, yet another sage of a college professor calls for the jailing of anyone who denies “Climate Change” or whatever else they’re calling it this week ( ). This jidrool, by the way, is a professor of philosophy, not science. I won’t mention his name; let someone else give him his 15 minutes of infamy.

America’s universities have become notorious for their intolerance of free speech, let alone dissent. But what’s really at issue here is this:

Honest men do not demand prison for anyone who disagrees with them. Honest men do not jabber, “The science is settled! The debate is closed!” when they’ve been at pains to prevent any debate from ever taking place, and refuse to discuss the issue in public. Honest men do not natter on about carbon footprints and then ride around in stretch limos and private jets.

Ask any policeman what he thinks when someone sees him coming and immediately turns and runs away.

You can tell a lot about people by the way they behave. And the Global Warming mullahs do not behave like honest men.

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