Our Gangster Government

I don’t know all the ins and outs of this mess in Nevada, but I do know what force and intimidation look like, and I certainly know hypocrisy when I see it.

The government claims the rancher’s cattle are trespassing onto federally- owned land. Why does this make me think of claims that Polish troops violated Germany’s border in 1939? But just for the sake of argument, let’s say it’s so: the cattle are grazing where they shouldn’t. As unlikely as it is that the feds are telling the truth, let’s just say they are.

In that case… who are they to insist that citizens be law-abiding? We have a mystery man occupying the White House, who openly boasts that he will not execute laws that he doesn’t like. We have a US Attorney General who advises state attorneys general not to enforce the law, whose management of his office over five years has been unrivaled for lawlessness and scandal.

An administration more lawless than this one can scarcely be imagined.

And so we see videos of fat, hulking government goons with attack dogs and tasers, standing against angry citizens who have had just about enough. They seize a rancher’s cattle, destroying a family livelihood that has been on the same land for well over a century.

And they set up a little-bitty “free speech zone” where, supposedly, you can say what’s on your mind without fear of being beaten up by “law enforcement officers” or subjected to a lifetime audit by the IRS.

Remember when there was only one free speech zone in this country, and it was called America?

I won’t even discuss the reports that the reason Nevada’s US Senator, the loathsome Harry Reid, won’t protect the people of Nevada is because he’s arranged to transfer the land to a Red Chinese company that intends to set up a “solar farm” there. I mean, really–who ever heard of a senator protecting the people who elected him?

Waco, Ruby Ridge… Would you be surprised if the goons shot somebody today in Nevada?

At what point, if ever, is this administration to be brought to heel?



2 comments on “Our Gangster Government

  1. As outrage follows outrage, and disgrace follows government actions, one by one, the sins of America are piled up to the Throne of Heaven. What we the people will not put down, He will. Sodom and G’morrah will not prevail forever. The righteous rule of the ONE designated will commence on the pre-determined day and hour, to the minute.
    Praise Him who will rule, and very soon.

  2. I think this rancher says that he will pay the state for grazing fees, but not the feds. Of, course, that would force the feds to give up on one of their forever land grabs. But true, I have had the thought for a long time that the lawlessness starts at the top.

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