‘Authority’ Exercised by Idiots

In the latest of a virtually infinite number of examples, wooden-headed school officials in Ohio are poised to destroy a student’s future because he had a penknife in his car. (Source: One News Now, April 16, 2014, “Attorney: School’s overreaction to pocket knife my destroy teen’s future,” by Bob Kellogg)

Because the presence of this three-inch long utility knife in his car violated the school’s robotic “zero tolerance policy for weapons on campus,” the 18-year-old spent 13 days in jail–think about that, please–and has been fitted with an ankle monitor. A real enemy of the people, eh? He has been charged with a felony and will go on trial in June.

Oh! But this is to protect the kiddies at the school from being massacred! Didn’t you see what happened in Pennsylvania earlier this month, when some crazy kid went on a rampage with a kitchen knife and stabbed and slashed a whole slew of his fellow students?

Only school policies didn’t stop him from doing that, did they?

Homicidal maniacs don’t hold back from shooting people because they see a “gun-free zone” sign.

These “educators” with their heads of stone are typical statist imbeciles and bullies, who think that if they can mangle and shred some harmless individual who has no intention of breaking any law, they’ve justified their existence for the day. For some reason real criminals simply ignore them, and real psychos are never going to pay any attention, anyhow.

The “zero tolerance” policies are only good for terrorizing the innocent.

They are also typical of the thinking behind the entire public schooling enterprise.

Please, please, please! If you have kids in the public schools, pull them out now! Don’t wait for the “educators” to have their way with them. You’ll be sorry if you do.

2 comments on “‘Authority’ Exercised by Idiots

  1. I could not agree more, these moron in Ohio need to be lined up in a row and shot … without a trial or any waiting period.

    Liberals … they make me want to puke!!!!!

    Their policies never stopped the massacre at Sandy Hook, nor did it prevent the stabbings at the school in Pennsylvania.

    1. It’s unsporting to shoot idiots.

      Seriously, though–what we really have to do is to take away their power. And the only way to do that is by taking our Christian children out of their anti-Christian schools and giving them a Christian instead of a pagan education. Nothing else will do the job.

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