Idiocy on Steroids

A fellow Christian columnist has shared this comment from one of his readers. I reproduce it here unedited, undiluted.

“Not a shred of moral relativism at all in what I said. I said all human live is valuable. I also said it is good to live one’s religious faith.

“But let’s get your your example of what you call ‘mugging and self-defense.’

“A person you term a ‘mugger’ approaches you with a display of force and, with the threat of violence, ask you to give him some property. You comply. No one dies. Everyone goes on with their day.

“The only actual ‘danger’ to human life comes when you threaten the mugger (and the mugger’s life). You may say ‘no.’ That threatens the mugger. You may brandish a weapon. If its a gun, you may open fire. Those acts certainly threaten the mugger.

“When all that the mugger wants is a little property, it is not clear why you feel morally inclined to threaten the mugger’s life. It would seem it is just easier to share your property with the person who has the monopoly of force.

“And its not clear in the case of the mugger who is actually the victim. The mugger needs property. You have property. The mugger is asking you to share. That does not imply victimhood at all. Your selfish refusal to share is what escalates the exchange in the first instance.”

Now this is imbecility of a very high order, inaccessible to ordinary dunderheads. It may only be acquired, at great cost, at a university, from tenured professors who are themselves morons.

I wonder if this guy will ever deliver the keynote speech at a Democrat convention?

So, folks, the next time a thug with a switchblade “asks” you for your property, remember, it’s immoral to resist him.

A compleat jidrool has told you so.

18 comments on “Idiocy on Steroids

  1. And, by the same goofified logic, the state was never devised to first of all, protect your life, your liberty, and/or your property. Certainly, his is the same basic argument that the state uses when it happens to be the mugger, rather than the protector. So, he has support from the highest gun toting order. Dave

  2. Sounds like liberal logic to me. Not even worth trying to refute. But I wonder if he would feel the same way if he was the one being mugged?

  3. UNBELIEVABLE! I had heard this attitude expressed in a little more subtle terms, but this…this, scary. These people have children, drive cars and vote. WOW! God help us.

  4. That … that is like … too stupid for words. I have to wonder if it’s someone playing the Devil’s (stupid) advocate and taking that viewpoint to it’s logical extreme to make his point. Right? Because no one could really actually think like that.

    1. Oh, they think like that, all right! Most of them are just a little bit cleverer about how they express it. But this is the quintessence of left-wing tomfoolery: the criminal is always the victim, evil is always good, and good is always evil.

  5. An old joke (for the three people who might not have heard it): “Two social workers happen upon a mugging victim, terribly beat up in an alley. As they walk away, one says to the other, “Boy, whoever did that really needs help!”

  6. Dense. When a mugger simply walks up and politely requests that you share your belongings . . well, you can finish the sentence lol

    btw Lee,, your intro page for this article – comments disabled. It probably doesn’t much matter. Just thought you may want to know.

  7. These people seem to never imagine themselves in the situations they criticize. What if the mugger “asked them to share” while they were on their way to buy the latest Android phone, their existing phone being at least two weeks old and thereby hopelessly out of date, would they be eager to “share”?

    It really goes beyond stupidity, IMO. These are people with no sense of self worth. I see it all the time; at the convenience store, restaurants, almost any place where I do business. Most of them are young, but a few are not so young. They are like ships lacking both a rudder and an anchor, drifting wherever the currents send them.

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