Another Morning in the Doctor’s Waiting Room

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We don’t have television in our home, but it’s always waiting for me at any doctor’s office. This morning it was the eye doctor.

His TV is always turned to morning talk shows featuring as guests fifth-rank celebrities I never heard of. “And now let’s give a great big welcome to Bajja Bajuvnik from Facebook!” And the audience goes wild. The co-hosts are always some undersized white woman who talks faster than I can hear, and a hulking big athlete with earrings. And of course there’s always a Musical Guest to perform real loud music that I really hate.

Most of the commercials seem to be for antidepressant drugs that could kill you if you don’t watch out, according to the long disclaimer.

You might not need those drugs if you didn’t watch these shows.

In an effort to tune out the TV, I picked up a magazine–New York, the magazine for libs ‘n’ progs who want people to think they’re cool.

A couple of ads jumped out and caught my eye. One was for “Must-Have” sunglasses. Must have? Is there someone out there who needs to get a life?

Another asked, “Are you gorgeous, handsome, young, super-successful and rich… and you don’t have a head-turning woman in your life? If you are, we need to talk.” This was for some “model-quality introductions” service, illustrated with head shots of women who were supposed to be beautiful but actually looked kind of creepy. Maybe they were cyborgs.

Ah, our wonderful popular culture!

2 comments on “Another Morning in the Doctor’s Waiting Room

  1. Try a migration to Canada. No doubt Canada hosts a socialistic system much more “progressed” than that of the USA, but somehow, if you stay away from the large so adored multi culturallly divided cities, you can find some outposts still visible of a few ancient. values. For TV, at my dentist, the choice is there, yes/no, once you are in the dentist chair, but the waiting room does have only some half decent magazines. No other assaults on the senses.

    At my eye doc, recently a very long wait, a whole gaggle of us just sat staring at each other for maybe an hour or more, and not one world warming or gender choice or fake marriage or glorify War #2 pulped magazine displayed . Certainly, again, not a TV at all. Maybe the Doc desired his patients to enter his sanctum with eyes and souls completely unagitated, except by a bit of boredom.


    1. As much as I love assorted Canadian people, and Canadian scenery, I’m afraid the things I write would land me in jail in Canada. Of course, the USA is catching very quickly in that respect. The world’s ruling classes don’t like freedom of speech, let alone independence of thought, and they won’t stop until they get rid of it–in favor of compulsory homosexuality, perhaps.

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