Some Random Thoughts

Let’s see if I can do this like Thomas Sowell: offer up a few brief musings on today’s political scene.

To Eric Cantor, the House Minority Leader, swept out of office in a Republican primary this week, by a Tea Party candidate whom he outspent by at least 10-1: Don’t let the door hit you in the kiester on your way out.

To the rest of the House Republicans: Are you guys getting the message yet? We don’t want what you’re selling. We especially don’t want your “learn to live with Obamacare” surrender message, and we even more especially don’t want your so-called “immigration reform”–which we see as an attempt to replace the American electorate and turn us into an ethnic and cultural minority inside our own country.

To Congressman Paul “Mr. Amnesty” Ryan: You’re next, bozo.

Members of the House of Representatives get in big trouble politically when they forget they’re Representatives and start acting like Senators. Unlike Senators, they are accountable to the voters in their home district and had better not push the people too far. Every six years, the nationwide special interest groups can pour money into a campaign and keep  a Senator in office. It’s a lot harder to make that plan work in a Congressional district.

New bumper sticker: DEPORT OBAMA.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the GOP, as the official and only opposition party, actually started opposing a few things?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the House of Representatives actually used its Constitutional authority and started defunding government agencies thatt carry out an imperial president’s unlawful and high-handed executive orders? “Hey, Mr. Director of This-or-That! Your annual salary is now zero–just like your department’s new budget!”

The Contest is Still On

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  1. You have nailed most of it down pretty well, Lee. Couldn’t have said it better myself. (not as well, actually) There is a little encouragement in some areas. It is like a snooze alarm; a few wake up and move, while the rest are hitting the button “one more time”.

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