The $10 Million Catnap

One of the news stories that surfaced while my computer was out of the saga was this gem.

At a July 4 game at Yankee Stadium, a fan fell asleep in the stands. As is the custom in baseball telecasts, ESPN’s cameras sometimes did sweeps of the fans. So they found this guy snoozing away, and the announcers had some gentle fun at his expense.

A few days later, the gavone sued ESPN, the Yankees, and Major League Baseball for $10 million dollars. He claimed he was the target of an “unrelenting verbal crusade” and an “avalanche of disparaging words.” The announcers called him names, he claimed, and ruined his reputation, etc. (See )

The actual video of the broadcast is easily viewed on the internet (especially if the link I gave you works!), and anyone can see that this lawsuit has no merit whatsoever.

What was this guy thinking? Didn’t he know the whole thing would be on tape? Obviously the announcers never said any of the things he claims they said.

I couldn’t help thinking of Judge Wapner on the old The People’s Court TV show, patiently explaining to one idiot after another that the court system was not set up as a get-rich-quick apparatus for simpletons. You don’t get $100,000 because a guy sold you a couple of bad spark plugs.

Gee, what would I do if I were a judge and some clown came into my courtroom seeking a $10 million payday in a lawsuit based on easily exposed lies? Would I be sorely tempted to jail both him and his shyster lawyer for flagrant contempt of court?

Yeah, I think I would.

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